Joseph Kanjaa is smart, stylish and black – and has recently become head of a unit set up by his former boss to fight corruption and crime within the police. At first, Clarissa Jakobs, an officer who has been involuntarily assigned to his side, has little desire for this job. But the fact that she, as an “intern” who is reviled by her colleagues, now experiences for the first time the kind of exclusion Joseph has known all his life, is at least a start for the newly formed team, which doesn’t have much time to get together. For in the Düsseldorf LKA, a sworn community has formed around the experienced officer Krohn, which collects drug money under the table. However, good and evil are not as clearly divided as they seem.

Director: Christiane Balthasar

Script: Klaus Burck, Jens Anders

Cinematography: Felix Poplawsky

Producer: Hana Geißendörfer, Simon Pirron (GP)

Commissioning Editor: Solveig Cornelisen (ZDF)