SOULS is the story of Allie, Hanna and Linn. Three women whose lives are irreversibly turned upside down when after a car accident, fourteen-year-old Jacob claims to remember his former life as the pilot of a passenger plane that disappeared years ago. The question is: is Jacob making things up or can the soul really travel?


Aaron Kissiov, Brigitte Hobmeier, Julia Koschitz, Lili Epply, Aleksandar Jovanovic, Selam Tadese, Godehard Giese, Abak Safaei-Rad, Derya Dilber, Laurence Rupp uva.



Director: Alex Eslam, Hanna Maria Heidrich

Script: Alex Eslam, Lisa van Brakel, Erol Yesilkaya, Senad Halilbasic

Cinematography: Carlo Jelavic, Franz Lustig

Producer: Hana Geißendörfer, Malte Can, Alena Jelinek (GP)

Executive Producer: Marcus Ammon, Frank Jastfelder, Lucia Vogdt, Markus Golisano (Sky)

World Sales: NBCU Global Distribution

Promoted by German Motion Picture Fund, Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg and FilmFernsehFonds Bayern