When police superintendent Elisabeth “Bessie” Eyckhoff (Verena Altenberger) sets out to find the runaway cat of a lonely old lady named Johanna Schrödinger (Ilse Neubauer), she has no idea that this cat of all people will be the key to solving a fatal hit-and-run accident. Is there a mysterious power of chance? “Bessie” Eyckhoff, the young policewoman, who is sometimes underestimated by her colleagues, is willing to leave familiar patterns of thought and thus gets to the bottom of the matter. In the process, a group of unscrupulous small-time crooks gets more and more into murderous entanglements as they try to assimilate the old lady’s assets. A Munich Polizeiruf 110 loosely based on Werner Heisenberg’s quantum mechanics, which states that “everything is connected to everything” and that “there is no reality without observation”.


Verena Altenberger, Lilly Forgách, Ferdinand Dörfler, Ilse Neubauer, Florian Karlheim, Heinz-Josef Braun, Camill Jammal, Valentino Fortuzzi, Luna Jordan, Stephan Zimmer, Franziska Rieck



Director: Oliver Haffner

Script: Clemens Maria Schönborn

Cinematography: Kaspar Kaven

Producer: Hana Geißendörfer, Malte Can (GP)

Commissioning Editor: Claudia Simionescu, Tobias Schultze (BR)

German TVCrime-Festival, 2022